Be On the Lookout for the ‘Indiana Jones 4’ Trailer Soon

I believe CHUD said the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull would be debuting with Paramount’s The Spiderwick Chronicles on February 14th, but we now have a firm confirmation as Variety did a complete article on the subject giving reasons as to why it was delayed for so long.

The article goes on to say that the film only recently wrapped, so much of the material that would go into a memorable trailer just wasn’t ready until now, and since awareness and anticipation is already high for the pic, producers didn’t feel the need to show too much too soon.

Sounds good to me, I am going to avoid the trailer just like I am avoiding the trailers for The Dark Knight, but you can guarantee I will have the links for you as soon as they are available, which is expected to be either the 14th or shortly thereafter.

“In the case of Indiana Jones, he’s such a well-known character that it’s not like you have to get out there and introduce something new,” said Steven Spielberg spokesman Marvin Levy. “You tailor the campaign to the material. We also want to keep a lot of the surprises. That’s part of the fun.”

However, as the article points out, we are still yet to see trailers for Universal’s The Incredible Hulk and The Mummy 3. And, of course, we also had to remove the trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening as it was leaked early by Fox International. So, for those of you that saw that trailer before it was removed, there may be something new once the official one is released.


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