It’s an ‘Inkheart’ Trailer with 8 Boring Pictures


New Line has released the trailer for the upcoming fantasy feature Inkheart along with eight boring images (the one above not being one of them as that is a screen grab from the trailer).

You can check out the trailer here, but don’t get too excited since it really doesn’t show much until the final moments. The film tells the story of a family that has a power in which when the read aloud from a book whatever they read is brought to life. When they read from a book called “Inkheart” it proves to be a big mistake.

The one thing I noticed from the trailer is that it is nice to see Andy Serkis in a movie in which he doesn’t have to play a CGI character (Kong and Gollum). Instead he plays the villain Capricorn, which you can see in not one of the eight boring new pictures here. Don’t worry, he is slathered all over the trailer and looks to be the only interesting item in it.

For a studio that desperately needs a win after this weekend’s Golden Compass performance I hope they can pull a rabbit out of the hat and come up with a win. Perhaps another movie like Seven is the answer…