‘Cloverfield/1-18-08’ Trailer and Title Come in November

I am not sure if anyone other than the few fan sites that sprung up on the Internet are too excited about the J.J. Abrams produced 1-18-08 or Cloverfield project anymore, but I can tell you the Internet will be a-buzzin’ come November 16 as Coming Soon has learned that teh new trailer for the film will debut in front of Paramount/DreamWorks’ massive animated effort Beowulf, at which time the title will finally be revealed.

The film first showed its face in an ambiguous teaser trailer in front of Transformers back in July. Since then interwebbin’ scoopers have tried to fill in the blanks on the monster that takes over Manhattan, but it has been relatively calm lately, which is probably a good thing since it is a rather low budget feature and you don’t want to get people over hyped, a la Snakes on a Plane.

Let’s just wait until November and see what Mr. Abrams has to offer. For more on the film and a look at the teaser trailer click here.


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