The ‘Inland Empire’ Trailer


UPDATED: The trailer is now available from YouTube and is embedded at the bottom of this article

David Lynch has made some weird films in the past and he gained the most attention for Mulholland Drive starring Naomi Watts, but that was five years ago. Since then he has a few films to his credit, whether they are shorts or films no one saw, but more recently he has written and directed a new film called Inland Empire which has garnered some buzz around Hollywood, and not necessariy for its content but more because Lynch was originally going to distribute it himself until 518 Media cam aboard to help.

The film stars Laura Dern, Justin Theroux, Harry Dean Stanton, Jeremy Irons and Julia Ormond in a mystery about a woman in trouble centering around the residential area on the edge of the desert near L.A.

Until now we hadn’t seen anything from the picture, but WorstPreviews has just made available the trailer right here. Inland Empire is set to be released on December 6 on a limited basis and then expands December 15.

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