The New ‘Superman Returns’ Trailer!


Well, it has been a day, er… a week of new media for big upcoming films.

First, there was the X-Men 3 clip that really lacked in any kind of intensity. That was quickly followed up by the French Casino Royale teaser trailer, which looked really cool but I couldn’t understand a damn word. Then we got a glimpse at Superman flying in an Australian Coke commercial (big whoop!). Then, this morning the cool as hell trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 hit online, and now comes the big kahuna… This one would make Jules Winfield proud as Warner Bros. has unleashed the brand new Superman Returns trailer online over at

I will admit, I had, and still have, my doubts about this flick and while it still doesn’t blow me away it is getting better and better. I only hope they show this bad boy tonight when I go see Mission: Impossible 3 at Seattle’s Cinerama! Yeah, that means big screen and big fun.

Nevermind my yapping though, click here or on the pic above to check out the new trailer and enjoy!

Superman Returns hits theaters on June 30, click here for more.

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