‘X-Men: The Official Game’ Trailer and Concept Art!


Well folks, we have your first look at the trailer for the upcoming videogame “X-Men: The Official Game” from Activision as well as some screenshots and concept art, all featured below.

The game is due to hit theaters ten days prior to the release of X-Men: The Last Stand and is co-written by Zak Penn, the co-screenwriter of the movie X-Men: The Last Stand, and legendary comic book writer Chris Claremont, “X-Men: The Official Game” immerses players in an original storyline that provides the back-story for the upcoming X-Men: The Last Stand feature film. For the first time, the game enables players to truly command the powers of popular characters from the X-Men movie universe by allowing players to assume the roles of Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Iceman as they wield and upgrade their signature powers and maneuver through unique environments designed to showcase their superhero abilities. Assisted by other X-Men characters, players will use an advanced control scheme to master and control the characters as they unleash Wolverine’s combat rage, experience Nightcrawler’s acrobatics and teleportation powers, and glide through the air on Iceman’s ice slide.

Key features of the game allow you to:

  1. Become three legendary heroes — Players will immerse themselves in the signature powers of their favorite X-Men heroes — hack and slash with Wolverine’s brute strength to decimate foes; as Nightcrawler, players will scale walls, spin and BAMF through environments to stay one step ahead of enemies; and experience incredible speed on Iceman’s ice slide while shooting ice beams and creating hailstorms to freeze the opposition. For even more power, players can utilize fury and adrenaline modes to launch devastating attacks.
  2. Experience events leading up to the X-Men: The Last Stand feature film and play beyond – Players will experience epic superhero action as the game explains Nightcrawler’s mysterious absence from the movie, and in-game events foreshadow the roles of the X-Men and Brotherhood in the film. The game’s climactic ending sets the stage for the movie with intersecting characters and storylines intersecting.
  3. Become a part of the X-Men movie universe — Embark on a globe-spanning conflict that delivers every element of the X-Men universe—from costumes and enemies to the voice of Patrick Stewart. Explore Alkali Lake, the Statue of Liberty, Dark Cerebro and more.
  4. Battle fierce enemies, join forces with X-Men comrades — Face off against villains from both the movie and comic book universes as favorite X-Men allies join forces with the player in gameplay that includes fighting, stealth-style action and time-based missions.
  5. Experience gameplay environments specifically designed to showcase each character’s Super Hero abilities – Uniquely engineered environments empower players to use different gameplay strategies as they harness their superhero powers and defeat enemies. Players will have ultimate control over their heroes as they improve their superpowers over time through the Mutant Evolution System.
  6. Game console features and exclusives – Experience the X-Men universe in amazing HD on the Xbox® 360 version of the game. The Game Boy® Advance and the Nintendo DS™ versions also offer exclusive X-Men characters to play, and for the first time, use the Nintendo DS touch screen to control the X-Men.

The game will be available on PlayStation2 computer entertainment system, Windows® PC, Xbox360â„¢/Xbox® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo DSâ„¢, Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance and is rated “T” for (Teen – violence) for PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo GameCube and PC and is rated “E-10+” for (Everyone 10 and older – fantasy violence) for the NDS and GBA.

As you will see below we have plenty of artwork and screenshots for you to enjoy, but to check out the trailer you just need to click here or on the teaser pic at the beginning of this article.


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