‘X3’ Teaser Trailer Details


With the X-Men 3 shoot passed the 50 percent mark we should expect a teaser trailer some time this month, and with that we can also expect some details on the teaser trailer right now.

CanMag has posted an article with a complete description of the trailer, check out a clip below:

Storm: “Sometimes the decisions we make are the hardest ones to understand, when they cause us pain.”

Screen flashes black again:

Scene of Wolverine running through a forest at night. Looking behind him, he leaps towards the camera and grunts

Screen goes black again:

Music begins as a slow background drum with a low base trombone

Scene of the X men (Cyclops, Beast, Rogue, Kitty Pride, Wolverine, Storm and Iceman) that is viewed from a hovered camera. A flash of orange light hits them and the screen goes black again

Scene of Pyro and Iceman standing in a cave like structure glaring at each other: (The background glows a yellowish tint)

Pyro: “Bobby didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with fire?” (Igniting fire in his hand that lights the cave)

Iceman: “No John, my mother told YOU never to play with fire.” (Hovers an ice ball in his hand)

Screen goes black again:

Scene of Cyclops again, this time talking to an off screen character in the X Mansion

Cyclops: “The last thing I need is you here.”

Want the rest? Click here.

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