‘Goblet of Fire’ New Trailer Description


It feels like Revenge of the Sith time all over again, only this time instead of Star Wars frenzy it is Harry Potter’s turn. Word just reached my Inbox thanks to ‘Joseph’ that HPANA.com had up a description of the soon-to-be featured NEW Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer, a 2 minute and 30 second long trailer mind you.

HPANA has up a full description of the trailer, check out the snippet below and click the link to get the rest:

Viktor kisses Hermione’s hand while one of the Patils asks, “Is that Hermione Granger with Viktor Krum?”

Ron accuses Hermione of fraternizing with the enemy

Dumbledore explains the Triwizard Tournament

The Champion selection (Viktor, then Fleur, Cedric then Harry… shows different people’s reactions when Harry’s name is called…)

Harry yells at Ron, claiming he didn’t put his name in there and he doesn’t even want to be a part of the tournament

Click here to check out the rest.

Big thanks to ‘Joseph’ for the heads up!

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