Most Craved Offers Up a TIFF Preview


Find out the most anticipated films of this year’s festival in Most Craved’s TIFF preview

The 40th annual Toronto International Film Festival is upon us! Over the next week, the massive event will offer festival goers first looks at films like Ridley Scott’s The Martian, Scott Cooper’s Black Mass, Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl and Brian Helgeland’s Legend (to name a few). Headlined by stars like Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hardy, the festival’s full lineup should delight cinephiles everywhere and, to celebrate the event, we’re offering up a TIFF preview on this week’s episode of Most Craved.

Hosting the TIFF preview are Jenna Busch of Legion of LeiaWilliam Bibbiani of CraveOnline and special guest host Meredith Placko of Our own Silas Lesnick was out on assignment this week, but he’ll be back soon!

“TIFF is dedicated to presenting the best of international and Canadian cinema to film lovers,” says the festival’s official website. “Our vision is to lead the world in creative and cultural discovery through the moving image. What began as a ten-day film festival has grown to embrace programming 365 days a year. TIFF offers screenings, lectures, discussions, festivals, workshops, industry support and the chance to meet filmmakers from Canada and around the world.”

Edward Douglas is reporting from TIFF for and he’s already found his first winner from the festival. Check out his positive review of Black Mass.

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Check out the Most Craved TIFF preview episode.