Toronto Film Festival Preview in Pictures – Part 1

Toronto Film Festival Preview in Pictures - Part 1

Toronto Film Festival Preview – Part 1

For the 40th year in a row, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) will be kicking off on Thursday, September 10, for eleven days of the finest films that the world can offer as it takes over downtown Toronto for its milestone anniversary.

TIFF40Some of the movies will have played at the Sundance and Cannes film festivals earlier this year and some premiered even more recently in Venice, but there are still dozens of movies that will have their official Gala World Premieres in Toronto. Some of the movies will already have distribution and some may even be coming to theaters very soon–like in the next couple weeks–but others will be playing in Toronto looking for distribution as the entire film industry converges for one of the Top 3 film markets in the world.

The festival will start on Thursday with Jean-Marc Vallee’s follow-up to last year’s Wild, the thriller Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal, and there will be many other returning Canadian filmmakers showing their latest movies, including Denis Villeneuve with Sicario and Atom Egoyan with Remember (both which premiered at Cannes earlier this year), as well as Deepa Mehta with Beeba Boys.

I’m super-excited to be attending for the eighth straight year and I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out my scheduling so I can catch as many of these movies as possible–I’ll be lucky if I can fit 30 to 35 in my ten days–but I’ll also be talking to a lot of filmmakers and actors who will also be there for their movies, and that stuff will be rolling out over the next couple months. 

There are so many movies this year that I had to once again split my Toronto Film Festival preview into two parts so that we can talk about a mere fraction of the movies being offered.  Basically, I picked roughly 50 films that probably will get the most attention. But don’t worry, there’s still hundreds of other movies that will probably trickle out over the next couple of years and if I’m hearing any buzz while up there, I’ll make sure to catch those movies first.

Anyway, enjoy Part 1 of the Toronto Film Festival preview in pictures and look for Part 2 in a couple of days and then regular diary updates and reviews after that.

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