Exclusive: First 5 Minutes From Sixty Six !


ComingSoon.net has your exclusive first look at the first five minutes from First Independent Pictures’ Sixty Six, the coming of age comedy starring Eddie Marsan, Helena Bonham Carter, Stephen Rea, Catherine Tate, Peter Serafinowicz and Gregg Sulkin. Directed by Paul Weiland, the movie hits theaters on August 1st.

England, the summer of ’66 and the country is about to be consumed by World Cup Fever. For 12-year-old Bernie (Sulkin), the biggest day of his life is looming, the day he becomes a man – his Bar Mitzvah. However Bernie’s North London family seems a little distracted. His father Manny (Eddie Marsan) is concerned about the giant supermarket opening opposite his grocery shop, a business he shares with his more charismatic younger brother, Jimmy (Serafinowicz) — and it’s making Manny’s bizarre obsessive compulsive disorder even worse than usual. Between worrying about Manny and Bernie’s older brother Alvie, mother Esther (Bonham Carter) barely has time to notice her better behaved younger son, and the only attention Bernie ever gets from Alvie is a punch for stepping onto the wrong side of their shared bedroom. Bernie believes his Bar Mitzvah is about to change all this. He’ll no longer be the kid everyone ignores, and he envisions and begins to plan the perfect ceremony and reception, where everyone assembled will acknowledge his new status as a man. Unfortunately for Bernie, things don’t quite go according to plan.