Watch the First Trailer for It Follows

Those who saw writer/director David Robert Mitchell’s 2010 debut The Myth of the American Sleepover, a tender American Graffiti-esque coming-of-age story, would not expect him to become the new master of horror, but if early buzz is any indication, his sophomore effort It Follows has got the scarifying goods. Metropolitan Films has posted our first look in the form of a French-subtitled international trailer, which you can check out below in all its NSFW glory!

The premise of It Follows involves teenagers who are stalked by eerie, slow-walking figures whose touch brings instant death, and the only way to be rid of the curse is to have sex with someone else. In other words, it’s a monster STD.

It stars Maika Monroe (The Guest) as Jay, a 19-year-old girl who “acquires” this slow-but-relentless follower after a sexual encounter and must band together with her friends to figure out a way to stop these figures before they’re all wiped out. The film has received rave reviews from festival dates like Cannes and TIFF, where its minimalist, slow-burn aesthetic has been compared to John Carpenter.

RADiUS and The Weinstein Company acquired US rights to It Follows at Cannes, with an expected first-quarter 2015 release, although there is no official word at this time. It will next screen at Sundance in January. The film co-stars Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, Olivia Luccardi and Lili Sepe.