Plan C Trailer Previews Timely Abortion Documentary

The official Plan C trailer for the Tracy Droz Tragos-directed documentary has been released as the film screens at SXSW. The trailer previews the film after its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival.

“A determined group of blue state advocates, midwives and doctors have been networking to increase access to abortion pills in the United States outside of a clinic setting, regardless of where you live,” reads the film’s synopsis. “In 2014, Francine, a social scientist based in Los Angeles, and her partners launched Plan C for the purpose of spreading the word about how and where to buy abortion pills online. This is the story of that work between 2020 and the overturning of Roe in 2022: the pipelines they built, the access they expanded, the criticism they faced, and the hope they have for the future.”

You can view the Plan C trailer below:

Plan C was directed by Tracy Droz Tragos and features Francine Coeytaux, Elisa Wells, Robin Marty, Dr. Amaon, Frances Morales, Carrie Baker, Loretta J. Ross, Farah Diaz-Tello, and Dr. Rebecca Gomperts.


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