Louis C.K. Reveals New Indie Film Titled Fourth of July

Louis C.K. took to his official website to announce that he has been secretly working on a new film, titled Fourth of July.

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Directed and co-written by Louis C.K. (alongside Joe List), Fourth of July follows “a recovering alcoholic and jazz pianist in NYC confronts his acerbic family during their annual Fourth of July vacation,” according to the official synopsis.

The film stars Joe List, Sarah Tollemache, Paula Plum, Robert Walsh and Robert Kelly, with C.K. himself playing a minor character.

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Fourth of July will premiere on June 30 at the Beacon Theater in New York, then play in Boston and Chicago on July 1 and 2 respectively.

“We are still compiling and constantly adding to the list of theaters which I will post on the web page for the movie which is on my website,” C.K. said. “Also if you would like Fourth of July to play at a theater near you, please contact the theater directly and ask for it.”


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