Exclusive Pond Life Trailer & Poster Starring Esme Creed-Miles

Exclusive Pond Life Trailer & Poster Starring Esme Creed-Miles

ComingSoon is excited to debut the exclusive trailer and poster for the coming-of-age film Pond Life, starring Hanna’s Esme Creed-Miles. The drama will be available on DVD and On Demand from Indican Pictures on December 14.

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“In the summer of 1994, the quiet mining village sitting just outside Doncaster begins to buzz with the rumors of a giant, legendary carp that inhabits the nearby decoy pond,” reads the official synopsis. “In hopes of spotting the larger-than-life fish, 17-year-old Trevor (Tom Varey, Game of Thrones) takes it upon himself to do a nightly watch, soon leading to a brigade of young friends and curious neighbors on a fishing expedition. In a world of broken families, cassette tapes and rumbling political fever, this atypical gathering of friends and former strangers, each with their own personal struggles to bear, unite with a common goal of witnessing the fabled giant carp with their own eyes. So begins an adventure that starts with a fish, but leads to everlasting friendships as the residents band together to finish the summer with a moment of glory this small town will never forget.”

Check out the exclusive Pond Life trailer:

The movie also stars Angus Imrie (The Kid Who Would Be King), Gianluca Gallucci (Creeped Out), and Ethan Wilkie (Nocturnal).

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Pond Life was directed by Bill Buckhurst from a screenplay written by Richard Cameron.


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