Exclusive Clip From Cold in July, Starring Michael C. Hall


With just four movies, director Jim Mickle has created an impressive filmography of eerie horror that’s included two movies involving blood-thirsty creatures (Mulberry Street and Stakeland) and one set in a far more grounded world of cannibalism (We Are What We Are). No one gets bitten or eaten in his new movie, Cold in July.

“Dexter’s” Michael C. Hall plays Richard Dane, a family man living in suburban Texas in 1989 who one night shoots and kills a burglar that’s broken into his home, only to find himself targeted by the dead man’s estranged father Ben, played by the inimitable Sam Shepard, who wants revenge.

IFC has provided ComingSoon.net with an exclusive clip from the film that shows Hall’s character going to the local sheriff, played by co-writer Nick Damici, Mickle’s long-time collaborator, to try to get protection from the vengeful father of the man he killed.

As we’ll learn after this seemingly innocuous exchange, things aren’t what they seem.

Cold in July opens in select theaters and on VOD on Friday, May 23. Look for our exclusive interview with Michael C. Hall and Jim Mickle later this week.