Exclusive: WWII Drama American Traitor Clip Stars Al Pacino as a Lawyer


Al Pacino American Traitor Clip

Legendary actor Al Pacino stars in American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally alongside Meadow Williams. The drama releases May 28 in theaters and digitally on demand. Based on a true story, Pacino plays a lawyer, James Laughlin, that attempts to help Mildred Gillars after she is arrested for treason for broadcasting Nazi propaganda to American troops.

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ComingSoon is excited to debut an emotional clip from the film titled “I Just Tried to Survive.” In it, Gillars explains to her lawyer that she couldn’t give her life up in Germany during the war. “What was I supposed to do? Everybody likes to think that they’d always do the right thing, always make the right choice, but it is not like that in war,” says Gillars. “There is no right and wrong. There’s just death and survival. I did what I could to survive. What would you have done?”

Give the new American Traitor clip a watch below:

Check out the full synopsis for American Traitor below:

Based on the true story, American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally follows the life of American woman Mildred Gillars (Meadow Williams) and her lawyer (Al Pacino), who struggles to redeem her reputation. Dubbed “Axis Sally” for broadcasting Nazi propaganda to American troops during World War II, Mildred’s story exposes the dark underbelly of the Third Reich’s hate-filled propaganda machine, her eventual capture in Berlin, and subsequent trial for treason against the United States after the war.

American Traitor is directed by Michael Polish and written by Vance Owen and Darryl Hicks. Producers include Randall Emmett, George Furla, Tucker Tooley, Vance Owen, Luillo Ruiz, and Shaun Sanghani.

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