Exclusive Trailer: Micro-Budget Comedy In Action Gets May Release

Image Credit: Gravitas Ventures

Eric Silvera and Sean Kenealy spent six years on In Action and now the micro-budget action-comedy film is set to release next month. Gravitas Ventures has acquired the film, which stars the duo as two screenwriters that wind up getting kidnapped by the government after a huge misunderstanding. They quickly find themselves in a real-life action movie scenario as a result.

In Action is set to release on digital and cable video on demand platforms on May 11, 2021. The film only features the two directors, who also wrote the script, and uses a variety of filmmaking techniques to mask its limited budget. The movie won Best Film at Midwest Weirdfest and Audience Choice Award at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival after a busy 2020 festival run.

“There are fistfights, knife fights, foot chases, car chases, shootouts, explosions, one-liners & eccentric villains but with only two people involved,” the official website explains. “While the plot resembles a conventional action movie, it’s presented in this unconventional way to show that solid storytelling, even on a shoe-string budget, can keep an audience as entertained and excited as a $200MM summer blockbuster.”

As the trailer below shows, viewers can expect plenty of action movie tropes despite the limited cast and budget.

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