The Toll Trailer: Everyone Pays in the End in New Horror Thriller

The Toll Trailer: Everyone Pays in the End in New Horror Thriller

Saban Films has unveiled the first trailer and poster for Michael Nader’s upcoming directorial debut psychological horror-thriller The Toll, set to hit theaters and digital platforms in March, teasing that everyone must pay at the end. The trailer and poster can be viewed below!

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Supernatural terror and spine-tingling suspense highlight this gripping journey into fear. When Cami orders a taxi service to take her to her father’s country home, she’s hoping for a quiet and uneventful ride. But a wrong turn by Spencer, her chatty driver, results in the car stalling on a dark and remote road. After several threatening and inexplicable occurrences, Cami and Spencer realize they are being watched—by an unseen presence that sees them as trespassers, and is ready to exact a deadly toll.

Written and directed by Nader in his debut, the cast for the film includes Jordan Hayes (House at the End of the Street, Helix), Max Topplin (Suits, Carrie, The Barrens), James McGowan (Murdoch Mysteries, Suicide Squad), Rosemary Dunsmore (Orphan Black, The Merry Wives of Windsor), Jess Brown (A Veteran’s Christmas, Tapped Out), Sarah Camacho (Party of Five, The Glass Castle) and Daniel Harroch (Letterkenny, X-Men: Days of Future Past).

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The Toll, which is being produced by Topplin, Hayes and executive produced by William Day Frank (From Now, Choke), is set to hit select theaters, video-on-demand and digital platforms on March 26.


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