Shadow in the Cloud Teaser Previews Chloë Grace Moretz’s New Action Movie


Shadow in the Cloud Teaser Previews Chloë Grace Moretz's New Action Movie

Shadow in the Cloud Teaser Previews Chloë Grace Moretz’s New Action Movie

Kickass star Chloë Grace Moretz took to Twitter to exclusively reveal the teaser trailer for Roseanne Liang’s upcoming action horror film titled Shadow in the Cloud, featuring Moretz as her character tries to deliver a classified mission while fighting against a Gremlin-like creature. The film is scheduled to arrive on VOD from Vertical Entertainment on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2021. Check out the video in the player below!

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Set during World War II in 1943, Shadow in the Cloud centers around a young Flight Officer named Maude Garrett, who hitches a ride aboard a B-17 Flying Fortress with orders to escort a mysterious, highly classified package from Auckland to the plane’s destination. Unfortunately, she’s not the only unwanted passenger on the aircraft, as a gremlin has also stowed away with the intention of wreaking havoc on the flight.

The film stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Callan Mulvey, Taylor John Smith, Beulah Koale, Benedict Wall, Joe Witkowski, and Byron Coll.

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Shadow in the Cloud is directed by Roseanne Liang, who co-wrote the script with Max Landis. It is produced by Fred Berger, Tom Hern, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Kelly McCormick. It had its world premiere last September at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival, where it earned  the People’s Choice Award for Midnight Madness.