Apple TV’s ReRUN Trailer Starring Christopher Lloyd

Apple TV’s ReRUN trailer starring Christopher Lloyd

Stonestreet Studios has announced that their latest feature film ReRUN​, starring Emmy winner Christopher Lloyd (Taxi, Road to Avonlea, Back to the Future franchise), is set to hit Apple TV on Friday, February 21. You can check out the trailer for the movie in the player below, as well as photos in the gallery!

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Directed by Alyssa Rallo Bennett and written by Gary O. Bennett, ReRUN is a modern-day homage to ​It’s A Wonderful Life​ ​that follows George Benson (Christopher Lloyd), an elderly man haunted by the tragic loss of Violet, a wayward girl who passed due to an accident he may have been able to prevent. Humoring what he thinks is the youthful imagination of his grandson, George stumbles into an invisible portal hiding in his closet. As he falls ‘to the other side’ and into his younger body, he is able to face his conflicts and troubles with new insight, where he rides a line between a temptation to change the past or possibly re-envision it.

“Working on this film was such a meaningful experience, as there are so many authentic cross-generational intersections that came alive,” said Alyssa Rallo Bennett. “From Gary’s amazing script to the improvisational work, I adored working with this phenomenal cast that reaches across generations, from 10-year old Rishon Salters to the ensemble of 20-somethings ready to take over the industry, and, of course, the ageless Christopher Lloyd.”

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The film won seven awards at the 2019 Los Angeles Film Awards, including Best Narrative Feature, and screened at festivals across the country after premiering at the Woodstock Film Festival, where Rallo Bennett was a finalist for the fest’s prestigious Maverick Award for Directing.

“It was such a thrill to see ReRUN premiere as the closing night film at the Woodstock Film Festival and even more-so to watch it next to Mr. Lloyd,” added Gary O. Bennett. “Alyssa, who has won several nominations and awards for directing the film, took the broad strokes off the page and orchestrated a narrative that was even more colorful and gripping than I had imagined.”