Exclusive The Primevals Trailer for Full Moon’s Lost Monster Masterpiece!

Full Moon Features will be completing their famous “lost movie” The Primevals for release sometime in 2019! Now ComingSoon.net is exclusively debuting the official trailer as they launch their Indiegogo campaign, along with some exclusive quotes from producer Charles Band. Check out The Primevals trailer below!

Animation legend David W. Allen (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, WillowPuppet Master) worked on the film for decades as a passion project, and completed the live-action photography in 1994 through Full Moon. The film was intended to be the company’s largest production, with a long post-production plan intended to complete the hundreds of stop-motion effects shots. Unfortunately, Allen fell ill and passed away in 1999, leaving the film unfinished… until now.

Full Moon founder Charles Band has assembled a team led by Allen’s protégé Chris Endecott (Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool) to finish FX and sound.

“There were maybe roughly 90 shots that he left,” Band told us. “It changes because there were various storyboards, but we’re hoping to pull off about half of those over the next eight to 10 months, which will allow us to finish the movie. Again, it won’t have every bell and whistle that David would’ve wanted, but we’re actually going to release an alternative version that will be in the special box set, which will actually be the slightly longer version. Where there are shots that we were not able to complete, there’ll be live action storyboards, which is kinda cool. So people who follow this can see the slightly truncated, finished, polished version you can watch as a movie, and you can see the slightly longer version that would have had the 40, 50 shots that they would’ve done in addition to the ones we’re finishing. It’s so exciting to review the material that was produced, including the live action stuff we shot forever ago all over the place. We built sets in Romania, our studio. We went to the Italian Alps. The live action material is great, but all of the animation shots that they were able to do are, for someone who’s a freak for stop motion… they’re just magical.”

The goal of the Indiegogo campaign is to raise $175,000 dollars to complete the Blu-ray release of the film, with perks including a copy of the movie, 35mm film strips, bound scripts, storyboard art, collectible statues and more. Click here to check out the Primevals campaign and to donate!

“We need everyone’s help for our Indiegogo campaign in addition to the money we’re kind of pulling together, hopefully people will throw in a few bucks,” Band added. “It’s a movie that I think will be every bit as good as any in the Ray Harryhausen canon. I love Ray Harryhausen, so I’m not just blowing some smoke. I really think that they’ve created some amazing shots.”

The cast of the live-action section of The Primevals includes Leon Russom (The Big Lebowski, A Quiet Place) and Richard Joseph Paul (Quick Change, Full Moon’s Oblivion movies).

Are you excited to finally see David Allen’s The Primevals completed? Are you a big Full Moon fan? Let us know in the comments below!


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