Kim Basinger as Jessica Martin
Chris Evans as Ryan
William H. Macy as Mooney
Eric Christian Olsen as Chad
Jessica Biel as Chloe
Jason Statham as Greer
Richard Burgi as Craig Martin
Eddie Driscoll as Ronnie
Eric Etebari as Dimitri

Laid-back slacker Ryan (Chris Evans) has just upgraded to one of the best cell phones there is – to impress his friends and take pictures of pretty girls at the beach. When he gets a desperate phone call from a woman who claims to have been kidnapped, Jessica Martin (Kim Bassinger), he is convinced to do all that he can to help her.

Cellular is a surprisingly tight film. The running time is only 89 minutes and it flies by leaving you with a very good impression of it afterwards. Kim Bassinger does a great job of being a victim that only appears helpless and Chris Evans’ transition from beach bum to savior is gradual and feels natural. William H. Macy plays a likable, but burned out, police officer who gets drawn into the plot.

The story is a pretty good one, as long as you can overcome the initial disbelief of how Jessica Martin is left with a phone. The rest of the story pits competent bad guys against competent, but believable, victims. It is able to maintain a bit of humor and action while still remaining suspenseful.

Technically, as with most Hollywood major releases, the movie is solid. The special effects, soundtrack, and cinematography do not bring attention to themselves, but that is a sign of good work in a movie that wants you to be involved in the plot and not the flash.

Who should see this movie? Anyone that likes a good thriller will find one here. It has action, but is not overloaded with it; comedy, some of it a bit silly but nothing too unreasonable; and an interesting premise that plays out well. If you are looking for a love story, you will need to go elsewhere. Overall, Cellular is a fun movie with characters that you can root for, making the film capable of pleasing most people.