‘A Lot Like Love’ Movie Review (2005)


A Lot Like Love Movie ReviewI can not believe I have to review another Ashton Kutcher film, but Guess Who wasn’t that bad, so I guess there is a chance he could be good in his latest romantic comedy, A Lot Like Love.

Seven years ago, Oliver (Kutcher) met Emily (Amanda Peet) on a flight from LA to NY. The two have an immediate attraction, but thinking it will not work, decide to go their separate ways.

Over the next seven years the two remain in touch, and through different partners, career changes and break-ups, they become good friends. Will the two remain just friends or will their friendship turn to love?

If I needed to describe this film in one word, it would be tedious.

Before I ever entered the theatre, I could tell from the movie poster what the outcome of the film was going to be, so all I could hope for was the journey of these two star-crossed lovers getting together was worth watching.

It was not.

The main problem with the film is that there is no real conflict. You never wonder if things are going to work out between the two of them, you just spend the whole movie wondering how long it is going to be before the two actually get together.

Kutcher and Peet have little chemistry as both try their best to be charming, and remarkable, in what is truly an unremarkable film.

Apart from a few funny moments, including one pretty funny musical performance by Kutcher, the vast majority of the film is boring and slow.

The big softy in me wants to like romantic comedies and a movie such as this with star power and the rom-com sales pitch may do some big box-office numbers, but is far from anything romantic or comedic.


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