‘Boogeyman’ Movie Review (2005)


Boogeyman Movie ReviewIf I remember correctly Boogeyman was originally set to be a straight-to-video release, and while it is no where near as disappointing as Hide and Seek was, that doesn’t say much considering I had very low expectations to begin with.

Are you afraid of the closet, or even think there is something under your bed? Well, don’t worry, those phobias won’t get any worse after watching this film as the tortured and tormented kids in this one experience scares that are few and far between.

Boogeyman centers around Tim Jensen whose life has been traumatized ever since his father was snatched by the bedroom specter when he was a little boy, and snatched right in front of his eyes. Forced to live a lie, carrying on that his father left his family years ago, Tim remains scared of closets into his 20s when all of a sudden his mother kicks the bucket.

After returning home for the funeral he decides to face his fear and goes back to the house where it all started, only to find much more than he bargained for.

Like I said earlier, this one offers up little to no scares as obvious attempts to try and freak you out aren’t even taken, and when they are you just aren’t even surprised, and this all leads up to a more than disappointing ending.

Boogeyman would have been a much better experimental film, to give theatrical promotion for a DVD release, because that is where this one should be watched, if it is watched at all.


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