Along Came a Spider


Along Came a SpiderStarring:

Morgan Freeman as Detective Alex Cross

Monica Potter as Special Agent Jezzie Flannigan

Michael Wincott as Gary Soneji

Jay Sanders as Detective Kyle Craig

Dylan Baker as Mayor Carl Monroe

Raoul Ganeev as Agent Charles Chakley

Billy Burke as Agent Michael Devine

Penelope Ann Miller as Katherine Rose Dunne

Mika Boorem as Megan Rose Dunne

Anton Yelchin as Thomas Dunne


“The game is far from over.”


Dr. Alex Cross is a man grieving for the loss of a friend and partner. As he retreats to deal with his grief he receives a mysterious piece of mail that is one clue to an intricate plot of kidnapping and possible murder. The daughter of U.S. senator has been kidnapped from an elite private school. No one knows for certain her fate, they only know that the kidnapper has killed before and could kill again. Dr. Cross must set aside his own grief and prepare to do what he does best…get into the mind of a killer. With disgraced secret service agent Jezzie Flannigan, Cross sets out on the trail of the killer, one Gary Soneji. The problem is, while Soneji has proven that he can kill, it doesn’t seem like he wants to harm the little girl. What is his motive? Is he after fame and a legacy as a criminal master mind? Only time (or the end of this movie) will tell.

What Worked:

Morgan Freeman reprises his role as Dr. Alex Cross, a forensic psychologist who understands the mind set of those with a criminal bent. Freeman plays the role superbly, he deals with a wide range of emotions while still creating a character that is calm and reflective. Dr. Cross is a man who catches killers with his intellect, while still being involved in the chase. The suspense that builds as you try to keep up with Cross will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to guess the killers next move.

Gary Soneji, played by Michael Wincott, is a vain, narcissistic man with a desire for fame. He is played with great skill by an actor that I am not very familiar with. He provides a number of plot twists that keep you both interested and frustrated at the same time. How can you out guess this guy?!

The relationship between Cross and Soneji grows with the movie. As Cross seeks to enter the mind and motives of Soneji, Soneji continues to divulge information about himself for the future glory it could bring. A dialogue develops between the two characters which lets you in on how they think and feel. It is almost two sides of a coin, one representing the logical, methodical, yet charmingly caring good guy. The other side is the cold, vicious, mastermind criminal with only his own self interests at heart. It’s the relationship between these two that made the movie so satisfying for me.

The movie itself has been called a sequel but in reality is the first in a set of books written by James Patterson. The movie should be a prequel but it isn’t really tied to “Kiss the Girls” at all. It stands on it’s own and leaves the audience wanting more of the Freeman character. I’m envious of all those who never saw “Kiss the Girls” and can now go rent it and watch it for the first time.

The action in this picture has a lot to do with how people think and react to the situations they find themselves in, but don’t get the idea that this is one of those movies with all thought and no chase. Scenes like a chase in the rain and an exhausting ransom drop attempt, help give this movie the visual movement that every suspense seeker desires.

This one is well worth a trip to the theatres. If you loved “Kiss the Girls” then you won’t be disappointed with “Along Came A Spider”.

This film is rated R for violence and language.

What Didn’t Work:

This was a very well done film. It’s kind of intense during certain scenes and I don’t think I wouldn’t want a child to be exposed to some of the crime scenes. Use caution when picking your time to see this one. It’s a good “Mom and Dad” movie but leave the kiddos home.

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