Exclusive: David Allen’s The Primevals to Be Completed by Full Moon!


Exclusive: David Allen's The Primevals to Be Completed by Full Moon!

Exclusive: David Allen’s The Primevals to be completed by Full Moon!

Fans of stop motion animation will be excited to learn today that Full Moon Features will be completing their famous “lost movie” The Primevals for release sometime in 2019! Check out some of the amazing, previously unreleased stills in ComingSoon.net’s exclusive gallery below!

Animation legend David W. Allen (Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, WillowPuppet Master) worked on the film for decades as a passion project, and completed the live-action photography in 1994 through Full Moon. The film was intended to be the company’s largest production, with a long post-production plan intended to complete the hundreds of stop-motion effects shots. Unfortunately, Allen fell ill and passed away in 1999, leaving the film unfinished… until now.

Full Moon founder Charles Band has assembled a team led by Allen’s protégé Chris Endecott (Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool) to finish FX and sound.

The cast of the live-action section of The Primevals includes Leon Russom (The Big Lebowski, A Quiet Place) and Richard Joseph Paul (Quick Change, Full Moon’s Oblivion movies).

Are you excited to finally see David Allen’s The Primevals completed? Are you a big Full Moon fan? Let us know in the comments below!