Close, Franco and Marling Find The Grace That Keeps This World


Glenn Close, James Franco and Brit Marling are set to star in The Grace That Keeps This World, Deadline reports. Azazel Jacobs (Terri) will direct with a script by Matthew Aldrich (Cleaner), based on the novel by Tom Bailey. Released in 2005, the book is officially described as follows:

On the edge of the Adirondack wilderness, survival is a way of life for the Hazen family. Gary Hazen is a respected forester and hunter, known for his good instincts and meticulous planning. He and his wife, Susan, have raised their sons to appreciate the satisfaction of this difficult but honest life. In spite of this, the boys, men now, are slipping away. His older son, Gary David, is secretly dating a woman of whom his father would not approve even as Kevin, the younger boy, struggles against the limits of his family’s hardscrabble lifestyle, wanting something more. On the first day of hunting season the Hazen men enter the woods, unaware that the trip they are embarking on will force them to come to terms with their differences and will forever change their lives.

In The Grace That Keeps This World, Tom Bailey gives us an emotional page-turner, infused with a deep sense of foreboding. Alternately narrated by the Hazens and their neighbors in Lost Lake, the story perfectly captures the enduring rhythms of life in a rural town.

Aldrich will also produce alongside Alix Madigan and Jewerl Ross.

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