Sheen, Osment, Schreiber, and Aselton Join The Devil Has a Name

Sheen, Osment, Schreiber, and Aselton Join The Devil Has a Name

Martin Sheen (The Departed, Apocalypse Now), Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense, Sex Ed), Pablo Schreiber (Orange is the New Black, Den of Thieves), and Katie Aselton (Fun Mom Dinner, Father Figures) have joined the cast of The Devil Has a Name, directed by Edward James Olmos, who also stars.

Written by Rob McEveety and inspired by true events, the film centers on an unhinged oil baron who gets in a bruising standoff with a stubborn farmer after the water on his farm was poisoned by her company.

Sheen plays “Ralph Aegis”, an environmental lawyer with a colorful past and an axe to grind. Ralph takes Fred’s (Strathairn) case as a last stand against the corporate thugs he has fought against for decades. Osment plays “Alex Gardner,” a failed actor and failing advertising agent, who is recruited by Gigi (Bosworth) to buy Fred’s land before he finds out it’s polluted. Failing at that, he sells his soul to Schreiber’s “Ezekiel,” an ambitious yet cruel pyromaniac, for the prospect of fame and fortune. Aselton is playing the role of “Olive Gore,” Shore’s high-powered, alcoholic attorney. She is the undisputed mercenary queen of the courtroom. She has no problem using any trick, legal or not, to get her clients off and bring their enemies down.

The cast for the dark comedy also includes David Stratharin, Alfred Molina and Kate Bosworth. Principal photography commenced last week in Los Angeles. The film is fully financed and produced by Steve McEveety, Patrick Hibler and Rob McEveety of True Navigator Pictures.

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