Live-Action Contra Movie and TV Series Announced by Konami


Live-Action Contra Movie and TV Series Announced by Konami

Live-action Contra movie and TV series announced by Konami

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced that their action shooter game Contra is set to be adapted into both a feature film and a television series. Further details about the production will be announced at a later date but you can watch the teaser for the film/series in the player below!

Ever since its debut as an action-packed arcade game in 1987, the world famous Contra series has continued to deliver button-mashing fun across multiple platforms such as home systems and mobile devices. The latest game in the popular series was released on mobile platforms in China to critical acclaim.

Though the franchise has a long and complicated continuity spanning over 12 different games, the central plot focuses on two soldiers, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean (who were modeled after action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone). As two gun toting members of a special guerrilla task force, the pair went around to various locations in the future simply shooting and blowing up everything in their path. Plot isn’t so much an important aspect of the original games, however, as it was primarily a side-scrolling shooter.

Contra is perhaps most famous for being one of the first games to use the “Konami Code,” a button combination that fans could enter to get extra lives in the title. The “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A” combo went on to become a recurring Easter egg in video games.