DreamWorks Plans Rebecca Remake


DreamWorks has plans to bring Daphne du Maruier’s 1938 novel Rebecca back to the big screen. Variety reports that Steven Knight has signed on to re-adapt the original book, which was famously adapted for the screen in a 1940 effort directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

The book tells the story of an unnamed American woman who marries a rich Englishman, Maximilian de Winter. Moving into his estate, though, she finds herself confronted by the echoes of her new husband’s first wife, Rebecca and beings to unravel a mystery that lives on even after Rebecca’s death.

The film version starred Joan Fontaine as the central heroine and Laurence Olivier as de Winter.

Knight is best known for supplying the screenplays to 2002’s Dirty Pretty Things and 2007’s Eastern Promises.