The Last Exorcism Sequel Has a Director


It looks like The Last Exorcism wasn’t the last exorcism. A good box office performance in 2010 made sure of that, so now we have a sequel in the works.

Shooting is expected to begin very soon, using a script by Damien Chazelle. This weekend, the director of the sequel was revealed and it’s not Daniel Stamm, who helmed the first entry.

Ashley Bell is returning to reprise her role as Nell, however.

According to Deadline, Ed Gass-Donnelly (Small Town Murder Songs) is in the director’s seat this time.

And while story details are being kept under wraps, it is known that the events that take place pick up three months after The Last Exorcism.

The producers – Eli Roth, Eric Newman, Marc Abraham and Tom Bliss – are mulling over titles for the sequel. The Last Exorcism 2 isn’t going to cut it, apparently.

A Studiocanal (the company financing the film) exec tells Deadline: “This much bigger scale movie will unravel a profoundly scarier chapter to Nell’s battle between good and evil. God have mercy.”