Exclusive: Edward Burns on Tyler Perry’s Alex Cross

Fans of Patterson’s books may have been intrigued by the announcement of plans for director Rob Cohen to bring back the character in the movie I, Alex Cross, and that this time, he’d be played by Atlanta media mogul Tyler Perry. Although it’s finished filming, it was one of the productions this year that remained fairly low-key.

Earlier today, ComingSoon.net spoke to filmmaker Edward Burns about his new movie Newlyweds, and since we knew he appears in I, Alex Cross, we got in a quick question about whether or not the movie was going to be surprising to those familiar with the Morgan Freeman films:

“It’s much more of a revenge action film than the procedurals that the Morgan Freeman films were,” he told us. “There are things that will shock people, mostly though Tyler Perry’s performance. The guy is so good in this movie and so powerful that I think people are going to be really shocked. He came and delivered. He’s a big dude, a smart guy. He’s a very powerful presence both physically and intellectually, so I think people are going to be very surprised.”

Burns is already gearing up for his next movie as a director, which will also involve his lovely Newlyweds co-star Caitlin Fitzgerald, called The Fitzgeralds’ Family Christmas, which he says is “a return to the McMullen milieu. Big Irish family, seven adult siblings, have to decide whether to allow their estranged father to come back to the family home for Christmas dinner.”

Look for our full video interview with Burns and Fitzgerald (who is in the midst of editing her own first film) in the coming weeks before Newlyweds debuts on Video on Demand on December 26.