Exclusive: Fox Will Try to Get Wyatt & Vaughn Back for Apes & X-Men Sequels


This year’s IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards just wrapped and we should have a full report and recap in the next 24 hours, but one of the people presented with a special tribute at this year’s awards was 20th Century Fox Chairman and CEO of Filmed Entertainment Tom Rothman, not one most would normally associate with independent film, although Ang Lee and Jim Jarmusch, the two filmmakers who presented Rothman’s tribute, reminded the audience they all worked together earlier in their respective careers.

After the presentation, ComingSoon.net had a chance to speak with Rothman, and eventually we got around to talking about Fox’s two successful franchise reboots this year, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and X-Men: First Class.

Rothman confirmed to us that they plan on continuing on from both movies and they’re going to try to get both Rupert Wyatt and Matthew Vaughn back to direct once they get the scripts together. “Both of them were really great scripts and so we have to be sure to get great scripts again,” Rothman said. “We’re working hard on the scripts for both of them, but we have every hope of moving forward with them.”

Look for more from our interview with Tom Rothman in the next couple days, as well as our Gotham Awards recap.