Simon West Eyes Dust and Glory


Top Cat Films may have found a director for their upcoming racing tale, Dust and Glory. The Hollywood Reporter has word that Simon West has entered negotiations.

Based on a novel by Evan Green, the film adaptation is officially described as follows:

“Dust and Glory” is the story of a car race… the longest, roughest, toughest craziest car race in the world … a 10,000 mile event, right around Australia. It is set at a time when roads around the coast were outback tracks of appalling roughness and a journey like this was more a pioneering adventure than a motor sport.

The redex Trials of the 1950s captured the imagination of post war Australia like no other event. Through regular radio updates the entire country followed the fortunes of the competitors during the race, and huge crowds turned out along the routes to cheer cars and drivers. Competitors were feted at every stop like movie stars.

“Dust and Glory” combines the best of the actual real life characters, events of the three actual redex Trials, along with harrowing and dynamic fictional character amalgamations which weaves a tapestry of hilarious and gripping adventure that might have happened – had there been a fourth race!

As in the actual trials, “Dust and Glory” depicts the zaniest collection of contestants ever to get behind a wheel – showbiz celebs, wealthy amateurs, criminals, raving lunatics, and even a few bona fide professional drivers!

West last directed The Mechanic and is currently in production on The Expendables 2.

Dust and Glory boasts a screenplay adaptation by Robert Lewis Galinsky and plans to begin production in Australia in Summer of 2012. You can check Top Cat Film’s promotional poster for the project below: