Exclusive: Joel Schumacher Wants Halle for The Hive


ComingSoon.net sat down earlier today to speak to director Joel Schumacher about his home invasion thriller Trespass, starring Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman, and eventually we got around to talking about Schumacher’s next planned movie The Hive, a thriller about “a female emergency line operator who, in trying to help a young girl, comes up against a killer from her own past.”

There were rumors on various tracking boards in late July that Halle Berry was in talks for the movie but nothing official, and those rumors got lost in the shuffle of Comic-Con, but Schumacher confirmed to us that the two of them want to do the movie together and the producers like her, but nothing has been signed yet. Either way, his plans are to start shooting the movie next February, and he has two other actors in mind for roles but didn’t want to mention any names because they haven’t made deals yet.

Schumacher says that the movie probably won’t actually be called “The Hive,” though, because that title “makes him itchy,” and he’s even been toying with possibly doing a smaller movie before shooting it.

“There’s two very small independent movies,” he told us. “That’s where the really interesting material is right now, ’cause you can do things that you can’t do in a much larger budget movie, much more risky material. And they’re tempting.”

Look for the rest of our interview with Schumacher before Trespass opens on October 14.

(Photo Credit: PNP/WENN.com)