Clark Gregg Talks The Avengers and More


Arguably the cinematic face of the Marvel Universe, Clark Gregg turned a small appearance as Agent Coulson in the first Iron Man film into the glue to that holds the multi-film series together. CraveOnline had a chance to speak with Gregg about the role and how it has grown from more or less a cameo into something beyond his wildest dreams. In the excerpt below, Gregg discusses what it has all been building to: next summer’s The Avengers and then, after that, a possible return for Iron Man 3.

CraveOnline: Do we get to see another side to your character in The Avengers? Do you get to take down a Skrull armada single-handed or something?
Clark Gregg:
That’s it! I’m taking down the Skrull armada single-handed!

CraveOnline: Oh, that’s awesome.
I’m just kidding. “Skrull armada single-handed…” No, they’re Kree! No, I’m just kidding. Yes, there’s definitely new stuff. Much different, new stuff for Agent Coulson to do in this one. You know, it’s kind of “all hands on deck” in terms of combating the threat that has shown up. And Joss… Joss is a master at taking what we know about each one of these characters, the superheroes and Agent Coulson, and building on what’s already there.

CraveOnline: Joss Whedon is also a master of killing off beloved characters. I’m actually a little worried about you.
Yeah, I’ve read this! I’ve read this. I’m flattered that people care, but I wish they would stop saying this because they’re going to put it in somebody’s mind! I’m talking to them about doing “Iron Man 3” right now, and somebody’s going “Maybe Agent Coulson should die,” and I’m like, “Hey, hey, hey! This is the best job I’ve ever had! Stop talking about killing Agent Coulson off.”

Check out the full interview over at CraveOnline.

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