Ed Helms to Headline Le Mac Remake


Ed Helms has signed on to headline Red Hour Films’ remake of the 2010 French crime comedy Le Mac, Variety reports.

The original film starred Jose Garcia in the dual roles of Chapelle and Ace le Mac. The former is an unadventurous banker and the latter his long-lost twin brother, who happens to be an infamous pimp and criminal mastermind. Chapelle winds up getting employed by the police to impersonate his brother and must take on the full identity of Le Mac.

Up-and-commer Johnny Rosenthal will provide the Americanized screenplay which will, presumably, move forward with a different title.

Helms, best known for his ongoing role on “The Office” and his two-time role as Stu in The Hangover franchise also recently appeared in the comedy Cedar Rapids.

(Photo Credit: Rick Sonnemann / WENN.com)