D23 Expo: Oz The Great and Power Behind the Scenes

At D23 this Saturday in Anaheim, CA, the Walt Disney Company showed a behind-the-scenes video of Oz The Great and Powerful. Director Sam Raimi opened the video wearing a suit reminiscent of the one worn by the original Wizard of Oz, Hobart Bosworth. Raimi apologized for not being able to attend the convention in person, but explained that he is in the midst of principal photography for the film.

The next part of the video showcased concept art and what looked to be an actual production still from the film. Concept art included several images of the lush, emerald green hills of Oz, with the yellow–but not always bricked–road winding it’s way throughout. The impossible geography of Oz showed through as well, with arching rock formations seemingly miles long and a mountain shaped like an elephant. Pictures of the Emerald City showcased an art deco influence. The image that appeared to be production stills featured James Franco’s character (Oz) looking bewildered in front of a frightening forest.

Franco explained his character’s storyline in the film. His character is “a bit of a con, a bit of a Lothario and a seducer. When he gets to Oz, it’s a chance to redeem himself.”

“Oz is a place of second chances,” said Franco.

Footage shown in the behind-the-scenes video was a mixture of black and white and technicolor, indicating that perhaps the movie will follow in the footsteps of it’s predecessor and use a black and white “real world.” Further concept art show the Oz character performing magic acts in a packed theater, clinging to the rope of a hot air balloon as it’s dragged into a tornado and floating above the Land of Oz.

The final shot of the video showed Franco’s Oz opening a door into stormy weather, turning to the camera and saying “Let’s go make some magic.”

Oz The Great and Powerful is set to be release on March 8, 2013.