Patrick Wilson Joins Prometheus


By now, you would think that the entire cast of Ridley Scott’s anticipated sci-fi thriller Prometheus would be set in stone, being that they’ve been filming for a number of months now, but an interview with actor Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, Insidious) in the St. Peterburg Times (via mentions that the actor will be appearing in the movie, something he presumably shot before starting work on his upcoming CBS drama, “A Gifted Man.”

As it states rather matter-of-factly in the article without any sort of source:

“Wilson will need to leverage everything he’s learned from Shorecrest to a new role in the highly anticipated Alien prequel Prometheus (directed by original Alien auteur Ridley Scott) for his latest challenge — creating a rare TV drama success on Fridays.”

Seeing that story, IndieWire’s The Playlist checked with their own unnamed sources to confirm that Wilson is in the movie, although neither story states who Wilson would be playing. Considering the amount of secrecy behind the movie, that probably will remain true until closer to release.

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