Sam Worthington Offers Avatar Sequels Update


Sam Worthington, star of the new film The Debt, told reporters that writer-director James Cameron is already at work on an atlas which will help him expand the world of Avatar for its forthcoming sequels.

“I know he’s nutting out like a bible at the moment,” Worthington said today, “[It’s] sort of like a precursor of Avatar 1, to just get himself back into the world and the mindset and the characters.”

Worthington indicated that he’s waiting for the call from Cameron on when to start, but he’s excited about the story.

“Jim’s the person who will tell me when to show up,” he laughed. “I’ve talked to him, he’s told me what his plans for the story are, and it’s huge. It’s just monumental. But he’s not going to start until he raises the bar for himself, and he’s in no rush.”

Worthington also said that Cameron’s decision to create a “bible” for the world of Avatar was very much in keeping with the filmmaker’s notoriously detail-oriented approach to everything he does.

“That’s how he works – it’s very detailed and very weighty,” he observed. “But the story arc is huge; I needed a break halfway through because I was exhausted. It was insane, but it’s amazing. It’s going to be amazing.”

Avatar 2 is tentatively planned for December 2014 with Avatar 3 planned for release the following year.

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