Exclusive Deleted Scene From The Trip


The Trip is poised to become Michael Winterbottom’s highest-grossing indie film this weekend (short of only the studio released A Mighty Heart) and we’ve got an exclusive deleted scene from the film featuring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.

In the comedy, Coogan and Brydon reprise their hilariously fictionalized roles from Tristam Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story for an acerbically witty, largely improvised ride through the English countryside. Tapped by “The Observer” to review fine restaurants throughout the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, Steve (Coogan) finds himself without a traveling companion after his girlfriend decides not to go at the last minute. After being turned down by everyone else he knows, Steve extends an invitation to Rob (Brydon), and together the pair attempt to navigate the winding back roads of rural England, impersonating popular celebrities such as Michael Caine, Woody Allen and Liam Neeson (among many others) and bickering along the way. Over the course of six different meals at six different restaurants, the ultimate odd couple tests the limits of their friendship, questioning what is most important to them and along the way discover the limits of what they are and are not willing to give up for fame.

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Weekend: Mar. 21, 2019, Mar. 24, 2019

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