Imagine Eyeing Al Pacino?

Al Pacino could be set to headline Dan Fogelman’s Imagine. Variety reports that the talent is up for the role of an aging rock star in the dramatic comedy.

The film would see Pacino’s character discovering that he has an adult son after reading a never-opened letter from John Lennon. Originally, Steve Carrell was set to play that son, but he has since dropped out of the project as an actor, remaining aboard as a producer.

The film is planned as the directorial debut of Fogelman, who also provided the screenplay. His credits include Carell’s most recent, Crazy. Stupid. Love..

Pacino most recently appeared as Dr. Jack Kevorkian in the television movie You Don’t Know Jack, released prior to the real-life doctor’s passing. He is currently also attached to the John Gotti biopic, Gotti: Three Generations.


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