Robert Zemeckis Could Take Flight


Robert Zemeckis is said to be eyeing an original script called Flight for his next project, Deadline reports.

The film, written by John Gatins (Real Steel), tells the story of a pilot who, when disaster strikes, manages to land a plane and becomes hailed as a hero. When investigation into the disaster occurs, though, details come to light that paint the supposed hero in a less than glorious light.

The project, set up at Paramount, would mark a return to live-action for Zemeckis, something he hasn’t approached since 2000’s Cast Away, opting instead to direct performance capture films like Beowulf and A Christmas Carol.

If Zemeckis takes Flight, it would likely begin production immediately, taking precedence over a number of other potential projects the director has lined up, including the time travel film Timeless, a sequel to his Who Framed Roger Rabbit and a CGI/live action hybrid How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack.