TIFF 2016: Boys in the Trees Clip

Haunting Australian drama Boys in the Trees to have North American premiere in Toronto

The 2016 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is about to begin (the Festival runs from September 8th to 18th on various screens and locations in the downtown Toronto area) and we’re getting excited. Dozens upon dozens of challenging, exciting contemporary movies from around the world are slated to run, with many Toronto and World Premieres part of the program (check out our list of the strangest flicks we need to see).

One of the most interesting titles on the TIFF 2016 slate is writer/director Nicholas Verso’s Australian chiller Boys in the Trees, a dark drama that will first have its World Premiere at Venice Film Festival on Friday, September 9, and the its North American Premiere at TIFF on Monday, September 12 as part of the Discovery program.

Synopsis: It’s Halloween 1997 – the last night of high school for Corey, Jango and their skater gang, The Gromits. Childhood is over and adult life beckons. But for Corey, his past has some unfinished business. When he encounters Jonah, a former childhood friend but now victimized by Jango’s cruel streak, Corey takes pity on him and agrees to walk him home for old time’s sake. What starts off as a normal walk through empty suburban streets descends into something darker and magical as they tell each other ghost stories, drawing upon their fears of the world around them. As they walk through their memories and ghosts of the past, Corey is surprised to discover how much he still has in common with his abandoned friend. But just as their friendship appears rekindled, a tragic truth may mean he’s made his discovery all too late.

Boys in Trees stars Toby Wallace,  Mitzi Ruhlmann, Gulliver McGrath and Justin Holborow.

We got our mitts on a new clip below. More on the movie as our TIFF 2016 coverage continues and be sure to like the official Boys in the Trees Facebook page.


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