Fraggle Rock Film Stalled

Some unfortunate news for fans of the Jim Henson puppet series Fraggle Rock; development on a film version seems to be stalled with no available word on when or if it will move forward. Director Cory Edwards offered the below update on his personal website (via /Film):

Many, many, many of you have repeatedly asked for some kind of update on the Fraggle Rock movie. The truth is, I got nothin’. There’s nothing to report except that The Weinstein Company has everything they need to move forward, and the ball is in their court. They’ve talked about getting a new writer, which I’m willing to do. They’ve talked about starting over from scratch, which I’m willing to do. But I have not heard a peep from their camp in almost a year. I completely sympathize with all of you that are waiting for a movie, but let’s all remember that the next best thing to making a Fraggle movie is avoiding making a BAD ONE. So at least we’re doing that.

Until something new happens to awaken the project from its deep coma, we can at least enjoy the untainted TV series on DVD and The Hub Network. As for me, I’m already working on new things. I hope you’ll stick around and check in here… I’ll be announcing my next project very, very soon.

Edwards, responsible for the 2005 animated film Hoodwinked! was announced in connection to Fraggle Rock nearly three years ago, but little has been heard about the project since.

The original show premiered on HBO in 1983, ran five seasons and was broadcast in more than 80 countries.


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