Shudder Acquires Rights to J-Horror Hybrid Sadako Vs. Kayako

Streaming service picks up J-horror mash-up movie Sadako Vs. Kayako

AMC’s horror streaming service Shudder announced today the acquisition of highly-anticipated Japanese horror monster mash Sadako Vs. Kayako, a the hybrid horror sequel that pits the spectral wraiths from The Ring and The Grudge against each other.

The film is an epic showdown featuring the two iconic demons fighting each other in the ultimate battle of possession. It is scheduled to have its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival as part of the festival’s “Midnight Madness” genre program, curated by Shudder programmer Colin Geddes.

A Japanese supernatural horror film directed by Koji Shiraishi (director of Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman, Grotesque). Sadako vs. Kayako is a crossover of the long-running and massively popular Ringu (The RIng) and Ju-on (The Grudge) series of films – and this marks the 14th film for both the Ringu series and the 12th film in the Ju-on series.

Here’s the official plot synopsis:

After viewing a legendary cursed videotape, Natsumi (Aimi Satsukawa) discovers she has only two days before she will be killed by the demonic entity known as Sadako. The only way to break the curse: pitting the demon Sadako against Kayako, an accursed spirit possessing a haunted house where everyone who enters disappears.

“As the home for the best in curated horror, we are excited to bring this fun-packed face-off between two worldwide horror icons exclusively to North American Audiences,” said Linda Pan, General Manager, Shudder. The film will have a festival run throughout the Autumn and will get a multi-platform release in late 2016, when it will stream exclusively on Shudder.

This is by far the weirdest and most interesting of all the recent spate of “vs” movies.

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