Real Steel Viral Site Reveals Fighting Robots in Action!


DreamWorks has unveiled the new viral tie-in site World Robot Boxing for their upcoming sci-fi action movie Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman and directed by Shawn Levy.

The site gives a lot more insight into the world in which the movie takes place and thanks to Genre Addict (via /Film), we have two new clips featuring the robots fighting in the movie, Noisy Boy and the reigning champ The Mighty Zeus, as well as a number of new stills.

Noisy Boy

The Mighty Zeus

Genre Addict has already unlocked Round 1, but you can access the rest of the site which includes the clips above and a bunch of new stills related to the movie and a couple fake magazine covers about Tak Mashido, the Mighty Zeus’ handler, played by Karl Yune, as well as concept art for the Mighty Zeus:

You can see a lot of these pictures over on Genre Addict who have also provided the access codes so that you can unlock the site and check everything out for yourself:

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Real Steel opens on October 7.