Exclusive: J.K. Simmons to Narrate Jason Reitman’s Young Adult

Earlier today, ComingSoon.net had a pleasant chat with actor J.K. Simmons about his starring role in the upcoming drama The Music Never Stopped–we’ll have that full interview next week–but inevitably, the conversation got around to what else he had been working on.

Simmons is just three weeks away from shooting the seventh and final season of “The Closer,” which will be extended to 21 episodes, but having appeared in all three of Jason Reitman’s films (as well as Jennifer’s Body, produced by Reitman), we wondered if Simmons had a chance to film anything for Young Adult, Reitman’s second film directed from a Diablo Cody script after the Oscar-nominated Juno. Simmons had the plum role of playing the title character’s father in that one.

“Not unlike ‘True Grit’ with the Coen Brothers, you will not see me in ‘Young Adult,’ but you will hear me,” he told us. “They asked me to do the voice-over when they were in post-production and then Jason asked me to do the voice-over in ‘Young Adult,’ because at this point, I’m his good luck charm. I’ve been in every feature he’s directed.”

Simmons has just gotten back from New Orleans where he had an undisclosed role in Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming Universal thriller Contraband by Baltasar Kormakur, and he also appeared in his wife Michelle Schumacher’s directorial debut Geezers!, a raunchy independent comedy.

Look for our full interview with J.K., including some thoughts on the “Spider-Man” reboot, before The Music Never Stopped opens in select cities on March 18.