Wolfgang Petersen to Wage Old Man’s War


Wolfgang Peterson is attached to an adaptation of the John Scalzi science fiction novel Old Man’s War, Deadline is reporting. The property is set up at Paramount where David Self (Road to Perdition, The Wolfman) is attached to write.

Released in 2005, the original novel tells the tale of a futuristic army, the Colonial Defense Forces. An intergalactic Earth military, the CDF’s soldiers are placed in updated versions of their own bodies and have their DNA enhanced by nanotechnology. At age 75, retired writer John Perry enlists and is given the gift of youth at the cost of military service. The original novel was followed by three sequels, “The Ghost Brigades,” “The Last Colony” and “Zoe’s Tale.”

With traces of both Avatar and Joe Haldeman’s classic novel Forever War (said to be in development with Ridley Scott helming), Old Man’s War is planned for a tentpole adaptation and will mark Peterson’s first film since 2006’s Poseidon.